#DS106 Daily Create Bot

The @DailyCreateBot will try to tweet you a random suggestion for taking a photo ds106 dailycreate style if you mention him..

Tweet the image with the #DailyCreateBot and it will appear here. Don't reply to the bot or you will get another suggestion!

The bot may occasionally be grumpy and not reply. There are many things that make the bot grumpy, network, the pi being off etc.

This bot lives on JohnJ's Raspberry PI and is a work in progress...

Easiest Way to get twitter timelines

Notes, one day a blog post

I started here a while back: Glowing Twitter beacon | The Royal Institution: Science Lives Here

And forgot all about it.

I then saw:
Tweeting with Python tweepy on the Raspberry Pi – part 2 pi twitter app series » RasPi.TV

and found:
twitterdev/sample-python-autoreply · GitHub

I had a few problems

It all worked until I tried to reply then I got a warning about:

A bit of googling found things like this: Unable to remove SSL Security error inside a Python virtualenv with Raspberry Pi - Stack Overflow

Then I got lots of errors due to this
Api.update_status broken · Issue #554 · tweepy/tweepy

Which I kludged by passing an empty parameter for media_ids in update status

I've still to figure out how to keep the bot running....