I am liking the  docs for 1999 project. Reading more carefully this time!

I've now got 2 instances of nodestorage running on the pi. This one for 1999 (and little outliner) and another for myWord. Looking good so farblush

I've set up myWord to use the same nodestorage as this 1999 blog so I want to see if the RSS, will have items from both places.


I Just missed the one year anniversary of my Raspberry pi running & 1999.io and River 5 without much attention. 

Took me a while to realise that if 'Include support for Facebook Instant Articles' is turned on in 1999.io then title-less  posts don't make it to the RSS feed.

I've added the RSS feed from this 1999 blog to my micro.blog. This site has been running with very little attention on my raspberryPi.  1999 is a pretty nice blogging engine from @dave

Test 250 days since I started this site on my pi, apart from occasional DNS woes it has ticked away unnoticed.

HNY, if anyone is reading this. I just backed 

Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing on kickstarter. 

Day 2 and it looks like they have already got nearly double the target. I am attracted to the indie and RSS bits of the project. 

pi seems to be up and down today. need to do some sort of monitoring. so thinking of AnyBar and applescript...

on idle

 set turl to "http://pi.johnj.info"


  set ping to (do shell script "curl " & turl & " | grep 'pi server'")

   tell application "AnyBar" to set image name to "green"

on error

-- if we get here, failed

  tell application "AnyBar" to set image name to "red"

end try

 return 300 --5 minutes

end idle

After reading  My Recondite Project: Visualizing @Katexic Words I've spent an hour or two getting this pi's DNS back and updating a few things....

This site and my river5 have been running happily for 4 months on my raspberry pi.  

I've fallen away from blogging here, but do keep 1999 in mind. 

The dynamic dns seems to drop in and out a bit, not sure the router is updating the record. Did a wee manual edit tonight.

Fargo times out in June 2017 I had a great time playing with fargo. It made outliners make sense. I enjoyed posting to my WordPress blog, making another blog or two and writing some horrible JavaScript to pull flickr photos into Fargo.

It was really interesting to watch fargo develop. I do hope that some of the features get ported across to http://littleoutliner.com some sort of script menu might be interesting. A quick way to add icons to outline items would help me with my Todos, but I think the fact that http://littleoutliner.com is simpler might make more useful.

Huge thanks to Dave for making Fargo available, I wan't invested in it enough to worry about the time I spent, but I did learn and think enough to appreciate using it for the time I did.

I've got a twitter archive up and running using @mhawksey's script  seems like a great idea. You can search it tooblush 

Following the instructions I've got the html editor working.

I am finding cursor placement tricky if I try to edit existing text.

Testing the Google Analytics ID

This does not seem to have worked. I've added the ID in the config on the pi (stopped and started the script) & added in the settings too. No hits showing up so far...

Update, August 14, 2016, a visitor! so i guess it must have worked...

Little Outliner 2 is now the official little outliner. I've been using it or the summer on and off and enjoying it. Running it off the PI same as this blog. 

My main use has been as a toDo list. I use it in a pretty basic fashion. Just am outline, I use icons to tick off things that are done. I'd like to be able to do that quicker. 

At the moment I select  a node, click the suitcase, click plus, type in icon in the first field and check-square in the second. Then click save. I would really like a checkbox on the left to click. I guess the problem with that is lots of folk would like a different icons there doing different things. 

Just to note my pi and forever have been holding this blog up for 21 days now.  fingers crossed. 

Second note, since I am on my iPad, double tapping the spacebar does not insert a fullstop. 

The news that Flickr has been bought along with Yahoo by Verizon has me thinking. Alan is not worried:

@johnjohnston It means a lot of premature, unfounded prognostications, cheap shots, and doom the flickr sky is falling. There is no corpse

— Alan Levine (@cogdog) July 25, 2016

I love Flickr, happy to pay for the service even though I am not much of a photographer. I particularly like the collections and searches for photos that you can use under a Creative Commons license. I also love playing with the API

Fingers crossed.

I signed up for https://tweepsmap.com a couple of weeks ago, to have a look at where folk I was connected to were from. Got an email which included this info:

You are following a total of 2641 accounts
550 of them are not following you back
174 have been inactive in the last 2 months
432 have been inactive in the last 6 months

I though I'd have a look at them. I've an old copy of Martin Hawksey's Export-Twitter Followers google sheet from 2011!  I gave this a whirl this gave me a couple of sheets, one with followers and one with folk I follow. A quick google got a formula to extract a list of the 550 folk who I follow but don't follow me. I thought I would have a look and unfollow the ones who were not an extra good source of info. 

I pasted bits of the links into TextMate and did the multi-line edit thing to put "open  http://twitter.com/ " before each user name. Running this from the shell script bundle opened a bunch of tabs in Safari which I could quickly go through. I found 50 tabs at a time were ok, 100 slowed Safari down too much.

Quite interesting to see who was not following me, most were folk who must have deleted me, my following is usually in response to someone following me, a quick look at folk who do and if they are not a business, interested in the same sort of thing as me I follow back. I guess they may get fed up with my propensity to post nonsense. 

An hour later and I am following 2234 folk. This is still way to much for my attention span, but it is a start.

Interesting too to feel small spikes of hurt when I see some folk have stopped following me. 

I also found I follow quite a few bots, including one I created several years ago and had forgotten about! Of course I kept following these and several big name (education world at least) ones that are good value to me.

Generally though I want to be connected to people who will potentially listen & talk to me.

Just a note, the couple of attempts I've had at using words in a glossary have been problematic. Very quickly I note they are expanded in urls, this breaks the link. 

I think I'll need to change my glossary to start expansions with a semicolon os something.

I was listening to  the  Medium and WordPress  episode of the  Draft Podcast the other day. Lots of interesting things discussed. One that struck home was the idea that we are now creating so much content that we might not want it all kept, even if we could.

I can see the sense in this but have a strong emotional attachment to things I post on the Internet.

From twitter I see stellar has gone. I had an account but never got into it tha much. I did use posterous a lot which gave me a great deal of hassle when that service shut down. 

I am a fan of the domain of ones own  idea, delightfully named by Jim Groom, which is one of the reasons I like this 1999.io. I am also enjoying the thrift & geekiness of hosting this on a Raspberry pi.

I am remembering that the PI's system & stored data is on a fragile SD card, these can be ruined by a careless shutdown and I've got no backup strategy. 

I also am reminded that:

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. 

 Carl Sagan - Wikiquote  

Wondering today, again, about audience. I doubt many folk will read this. A few folk read my other blogs, but not that many. 

I guess the advantage of the silo, fb, twitter, medium is the built in audience and the discovery process for that audience. Personally I read more via RSS than silos, but that is a minority view. 

The independent Internet/blogosphere would be interesting if there was the equivalent of the emails that medium sends or medium's front page.

 I wonder how that could work? I've played with indieweb webmentions but these are not widely enough adopted yet and are quick tricky to set up. 

Little outliner 2-switch-servers

Using Little Outliner 2 with a different server explains using the console. I tried using Little Outliner 2 's built in run selection, that works a treat, so I have this set up one on Dave's server and one on my pi.

I can see things getting out of sync pretty quickly, but useful for testing.

Using Little Outliner 2 with a different server my goodness! 

After seeing this:  Tweeting from Little Outliner 2  and giving it a quick try I can't help wondering about the relationship between all the different Dave Winer products.

A while ago I started to use Fargo, which had some nice features. It could produce a blog or post to a MetaWebLog API one.

I had a nice wee blog running with walknotes for a while and started to enjoy writing in an outliner for my   blog. 

I mostly write in TextMate on the mac and Drafts on iOS, drafts has some of the reorganisations abilities of an outliner.

Fargo, did a lot of other things, quite a few of which were interesting and some of which were over my head.

Little Outliner 2 seems to be a simpler version of Fargo, the addition of tweeting hints, to me, that it could be developed  to post elsewhere?

The idea of having one place to start different pieces of writing is intriguing, outlines might be that place for some. Of course it is not too hard just to copy the text from the outline and paste it into a post editor. But the idea of having a window open somewhere on screen, all of the time, that can send out in several directions, would be compelling.

Of course Dave might have a  completely different Roadmap  which will be bound to be interesting. 

A few more 1999.io thoughts.

I got some comments! These seem to work nicely. A bit different that they way I am used to. No moderation or deletion. But you can turn off comments in Settings->Access. I am still surprised when something running on a raspberry pi on my desk becomes part of the Internet.

There is a River of 1999 users.

I've been trying  Little Outliner 2 , and tested the Glossary, it seems to work and is a great idea I've not notice in other platforms. 

The lack of inbuilt images rubs against my blogging flow, I found myself taking screenshots to add to this one. I know I could upload to flickr and use the html insert, but... 

This slight friction against habit is nice, it allows me to think a bit about the affordances of different software and how they affect your thinking. 

Maybe titles should come last?

I have been thinking a bit about how different interfaces affect the use and affordances of tools we use.

Blogging in 1999.io feels quite different to many other tools. It feels as if it is asking for a different type of post.  I normally type up a post over a session or two in a text editor. Here I just want to type into the box and Post. On an extended keyboard I almost expect the enter key to hit the post button.

As I've had a few shots with 1999, first on cloudAtCost, next on 1999.io and now here, I've a few thoughs about the process of blogging. 

Mostly in comparison to other systems. I am familiar with WordPress, pivot, tumblr, and a few other platforms. 

  1. Direct editing of a published post on by clicking is very sweet.  
  2. The minimal editing interface is nice too. 
  3. I do wonder about the need to upload media, images, audio elsewhere. That seems to go against the workflow?
  4. No support for categories or tags AFAIK. This might be a good thing.
  5. I like titles, so I need to post and then add title, again AFAIK. 
  6. I'd quite like to edit the quotes in the footer... 
  7. I am not sure if I can have multiple images in posts, other than the icon like ones. I've embedded flickr ones with the Insert HTML. I *think* that insert is one per post. 
  8. This feels a bit like the description of the p2 WordPress theme, blogging at the speed of though
  9. I am not entirely  sure I fully understand the commenting system, who can comment and like? 

left the server running after doing node storage.js 

After an hour or two the server had stopped.  restarted with 

forever storage.js 

and we will see. 

I am wondering how the pi will handle this performance wise. It is already running river5 and until today was talking quite a few photos every hour, giffing them & posting to tumblr.  Camera module seems to have broken today:(

1999 on mobile.

 This is what 1999 looks like on my iPhone . You don't get the editor pop up that you get on the desktop. It still looks like a reasonable option for text mobile blogging.



Ok, I've got 1999 set up on my pi.

I already have river5 running on my Raspberry pi. Today I thought I'd try to get 1999 running too.

I followed the intructions ate  1999-project/setup.md at master · scripting/1999-project.

nodejs, nmp & nodejs-legacy were already installed. The rest of the install went exactly as the doc suggests.

I've got Dynamic DNS running so just opened up 1999 on my firewall in the bt hub settings.