9 Thoughts on 1999.io
by john johnston Monday, July 11, 2016

As I've had a few shots with 1999, first on cloudAtCost, next on 1999.io and now here, I've a few thoughs about the process of blogging. 

Mostly in comparison to other systems. I am familiar with WordPress, pivot, tumblr, and a few other platforms. 

  1. Direct editing of a published post on by clicking is very sweet.  
  2. The minimal editing interface is nice too. 
  3. I do wonder about the need to upload media, images, audio elsewhere. That seems to go against the workflow?
  4. No support for categories or tags AFAIK. This might be a good thing.
  5. I like titles, so I need to post and then add title, again AFAIK. 
  6. I'd quite like to edit the quotes in the footer... 
  7. I am not sure if I can have multiple images in posts, other than the icon like ones. I've embedded flickr ones with the Insert HTML. I *think* that insert is one per post. 
  8. This feels a bit like the description of the p2 WordPress theme, blogging at the speed of though
  9. I am not entirely  sure I fully understand the commenting system, who can comment and like? 

  • John, this is Andy Sylvester. Any Twitter user can comment on a post (Dave Winer calls it "replies"). The same goes for likes, although I just tried to like this, and it didn't work. I have also added your RSS feed to a river displayed at http://1999bloggers.andysylvester.com/

    • Andy, i notice the same issue: the "Like" thumb, which always worked like a champ on my previous comments, seemed not to work... But after a refresh, i see that both our likes on John's post have in fact registered.

    • Andy, Thanks and Thanks the river looks useful. 

  • It is an interesting inversion of the normal control paradigm, in that this Twitter mechanism requires me to approve John's app for this limited use of my own Twitter account... but blog owner John has nothing to say about it (?!) 

    • Hi Walt, I see some inconstancies on the like too. refreshing Safari doesn't always make them show for me. On the comments, it does feel a bit strange, no approval or moderation of comments. No notification either.