Comments, Rivers and Glossaries
by john johnston Sunday, July 17, 2016

A few more thoughts.

I got some comments! These seem to work nicely. A bit different that they way I am used to. No moderation or deletion. But you can turn off comments in Settings->Access. I am still surprised when something running on a raspberry pi on my desk becomes part of the Internet.

There is a River of 1999 users.

I've been trying  Little Outliner 2 , and tested the Glossary, it seems to work and is a great idea I've not notice in other platforms. 

The lack of inbuilt images rubs against my blogging flow, I found myself taking screenshots to add to this one. I know I could upload to flickr and use the html insert, but... 

This slight friction against habit is nice, it allows me to think a bit about the affordances of different software and how they affect your thinking. 

Maybe titles should come last?