Tweeting from LO2...
by john johnston Sunday, July 17, 2016

After seeing this:  Tweeting from Little Outliner 2  and giving it a quick try I can't help wondering about the relationship between all the different Dave Winer products.

A while ago I started to use Fargo, which had some nice features. It could produce a blog or post to a MetaWebLog API one.

I had a nice wee blog running with walknotes for a while and started to enjoy writing in an outliner for my   blog. 

I mostly write in TextMate on the mac and Drafts on iOS, drafts has some of the reorganisations abilities of an outliner.

Fargo, did a lot of other things, quite a few of which were interesting and some of which were over my head.

Little Outliner 2 seems to be a simpler version of Fargo, the addition of tweeting hints, to me, that it could be developed  to post elsewhere?

The idea of having one place to start different pieces of writing is intriguing, outlines might be that place for some. Of course it is not too hard just to copy the text from the outline and paste it into a post editor. But the idea of having a window open somewhere on screen, all of the time, that can send out in several directions, would be compelling.

Of course Dave might have a  completely different Roadmap  which will be bound to be interesting. 

  • John, I don't know if Dave Winer has a plan for his development - it seems to shift as his interests shift. The good part is that he makes it available to all.

  • John, I still have a lot of unreleased stuff. Not sure what I'll do with it. I appreciate your input, you always do interesting things with the software, like running it on a Raspberry Pi. 😎