by john johnston Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wondering today, again, about audience. I doubt many folk will read this. A few folk read my other blogs, but not that many. 

I guess the advantage of the silo, fb, twitter, medium is the built in audience and the discovery process for that audience. Personally I read more via RSS than silos, but that is a minority view. 

The independent Internet/blogosphere would be interesting if there was the equivalent of the emails that medium sends or medium's front page.

 I wonder how that could work? I've played with indieweb webmentions but these are not widely enough adopted yet and are quick tricky to set up. 

  • John, thanks for writing about this topic. It is a big question whether the words we write will be read. For me, I am primarily writing for myself. I read your post because I follow your blog via RSS (via my 1999er river). I think that reaching out to others through comments and interactions is a way to build an audience. From looking at your other blogs, I see you follow Stephen Downes. His post "How To Be Heard" still has some good advice in this area, even though it is over 10 years old. On the topic of creating something like the Medium home page, this could be done using RSS aggregation as the collection mechanism, with some front end work to make it look like Medium. Keep writing, I'll keep reading!

    • Hi Andy, Thank you, for dropping by and for the Downes post which I had not seen.  I am a fan of aggregation, run which brings together some Scottish edu bloggers. I like your 1999er river, it is the sort of auto community creation that is exciting. I guess I blog for myself to some extent, but I love a bit of interaction. As an aside, notification of comments here would be useful.