Farewell Fargo
by john johnston Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fargo times out in June 2017 I had a great time playing with fargo. It made outliners make sense. I enjoyed posting to my WordPress blog, making another blog or two and writing some horrible JavaScript to pull flickr photos into Fargo.

It was really interesting to watch fargo develop. I do hope that some of the features get ported across to http://littleoutliner.com some sort of script menu might be interesting. A quick way to add icons to outline items would help me with my Todos, but I think the fact that http://littleoutliner.com is simpler might make more useful.

Huge thanks to Dave for making Fargo available, I wan't invested in it enough to worry about the time I spent, but I did learn and think enough to appreciate using it for the time I did.